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Beer Canada Code demonstrates best practices in responsible advertising

OTTAWA, ONTARIO October 4, 2018 Beer Canada has launched the Responsible Advertising and Marketing Code, a new statement of principles and best practices that demonstrate our members continued commitment to responsibility.

Beer is an adult beverage and a celebrated part of Canada’s culture. As responsible brewers, Beer Canada members want to ensure that any commercial communication is directed only to those of legal purchase age and is carried out in a socially responsible manner in both traditional and digital media.

The Code applies to all Beer Canada member activities undertaken to advertise and market products. Members are expected to uphold guiding principles that include ethical product placement, brand sponsorship and promotion.

The Code also indicates best practices in digital media. Its launch comes at the same time the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking and various social media platforms, including Facebook and Snapchat, announce a new partnership to help set and deliver new standards of responsible advertising. Beer Canada is a member of IARD’s Partnership Council.

“Brewers are committed to responsibility in all of our business practices,” said Beer Canada Chair George Croft, speaking on behalf of members large and small who represent 90 per cent of all beer sold in Canada. “Advertising and marketing are one of the most visible parts of what we do and brewers can continue to practice self-regulation of all commercial communications using the Code. Adherence to the Code is now a condition of membership.

“Government and industry share the common goal of ensuring responsible advertising and marketing of all alcohol products,” said Beer Canada President Luke Harford. The Code is intended to complement, support and enhance Canada’s federal and provincial/territorial alcohol advertising and marketing rules as well as those codes administered by Ad Standards, the advertising industry’s non profit self- regulating body.

Beer Canada and its members will continue to work with industry partners to ensure that socially responsible activities like the Code help support Canada’s culture of moderation and reduce harmful alcohol consumption.


Beer Canada is the national trade association that advocates to ensure Canadian brewers are able to operate in a healthy regulatory environment and that beer remains a celebrated part of Canada’s culture. As the national voice of beer, Beer Canada represents over 50 Canadian brewing companies that account for 90% of beer made in Canada and a category that supports 149,000 Canadian jobs, $13.6 billion in real gross domestic product and $5.7 billion in tax revenues for federal, provincial and municipal levels of government.


Brittany Burden

Manager, Member Services & Communications

Beer Canada
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