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Beer Canada Congratulates Government on New Free Trade Agreement

OTTAWA, ONTARIO April 7, 2017 – Beer Canada, the voice of the people who brew our nation’s beers, commends the government of Canada’s new agreement on internal trade, aimed at lowering interprovincial trade barriers to improve the flow of goods across the country.

“Landing a new interprovincial trade deal is no small achievement,” said Luke Harford, President of Beer Canada. “We congratulate the Federal and provincial governments for delivering on their commitment to complete a new free trade agreement as we celebrate our 150 th year as a country.”

The new agreement establishes a Working Group that will assess options for further liberalizing trade in beer and other beverage alcohol categories. The Working Group is expected to release a report on potential options within a year from the date the agreement comes into force (July 1, 2017).

A 2013 Conference Board of Canada report highlights the links between provincial markets in Canada. For example, beer sales in Ontario support agricultural jobs in the Prairies. Beer sales in Atlantic Canada support jobs in bottle and packaging plants in Quebec and Ontario. The report revealed that 1 in every 100 jobs is supported directly and indirectly by Canada’s beer industry.

“The new Agreement establishes a process for identifying opportunities to facilitate trade within the domestic beverage alcohol sector,” noted Harford. “We look forward to being part of the process that leads to growth in Canada’s brewing and other Agrifood industries.”

Beer Canada, the voice of the people who brew our nation’s beers. Beer Canada is an association of 45+ Canadian brewers. Our members collectively account for 90% of the beer brewed in Canada. Membership is open to all brewers with a federal excise licence. From coast to coast, we provide services and advocate on behalf of our members and the industry.

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