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Canada’s beer industry unites to promote safer communities

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – September 16, 2016Today, Beer Canada in partnership with its members, the makers of Canada’s most popular adult beverage unite for Partners for Safer Communities, a campaign that educates consumers on the importance of responsible drinking.

In an effort to ensure beer is sold and consumed responsibly, hundreds of brewer and retailer employees will take action to promote accountability through face to face conversation with consumers, distribution of educational resources and digital pledges to drink beer responsibly.

“Brewers encourage responsible use through diverse programs and partnerships. We’re proud of our products and our leadership role in promoting their responsible enjoyment” said John Sleeman, Chairman of Beer Canada.

“Most Canadians drink within the Low‐Risk Drinking Guidelines, which support a healthy lifestyle and promote a culture of moderation.” added Luke Harford, President of Beer Canada. “Progress is being made in reducing alcohol related harm but more efforts are needed. Partners for Safer Communities is an industry first that brings competitors together to advance social goals”.

Beer drinkers are encouraged to take the responsible drinking pledge at

Quick statistics:

  • July data from Statistics Canada shows the impaired driving decreased by 4% in 2015 to 201 impaired driving incidents per 100,000 population, representing the fourth consecutive decline. Nationally the rate has fallen 17% since 2005.
  • The use and risky use of alcohol by Canadian youth appears to be declining. A March 2016 report from the Public Health Agency of Canada indicates that 13% of grade 10 boys and 4% of grade 10 girls drank beer at least once a week in 2014, more than halved from 2002, but still unacceptably high.
  • According to the most recent available information from a Health Canada survey, 41% of Canadian teens in grades 7 through 12 had a drink of alcohol that was more than one sip in the previous 12 months in 2012/2013, compared to 53% recorded in 2008/2009.
  • Most Canadians who drink do so within the Low‐Risk Drinking Guidelines, which support a healthy lifestyle and promote a culture of moderation. However, a Health Canada survey, indicates that a substantial minority of drinkers, 21%, exceed Guideline recommended levels for reducing long‐term alcohol‐related harm, while 15% exceed levels for reducing short‐term alcohol‐related harm or injuries.
  • When looking at trends, it can be concluded that some progress has been made, but more efforts are needed to further reduce alcohol related harm.

About Partners for Safer Communities Partners for Safer Communities is a collaboration of brewers, licensees and retailers across Canada to ensure beer is sold and consumed responsibly.

About Beer Canada

Beer Canada advocates on behalf of its members to ensure brewers are able to operate in a healthy regulatory environment and that beer remains a celebrated part of Canada’s culture.

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