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Raise a glass to Canada’s world-class beer scene on the first Canadian Beer Day

SASKATOON, SASK. (OCTOBER 9, 2019) — Brewers and beer drinkers across the country are raising a glass to recognize Canada’s world-class beer scene and brewing culture on the first-ever Canadian Beer Day.

Led by Beer Canada, the first annual Canadian Beer Day celebration, kicks off with a launch party at Great Western Brewing Company in Saskatoon. Delegates from Canada’s small and large breweries will gather with barley farmers, members of the beer supply chain and beer drinkers, to highlight the history and current contributions the beer industry has on Canada’s culture, economy and local communities.

“Canada has always been a leader when it comes to brewing, and people recognize us as a beer country, so it’s about time we have a day dedicated to the beverage we all love,” said Michael Brennan, President and CEO of Great Western Brewing Company. “We have so many awesome breweries that in many cases are the lifeblood of their local communities, providing good jobs, giving back through charitable initiatives, supporting local farmers and businesses, and often paving the way when it comes to sustainability. There’s a lot to be proud of.”

With 1,000 breweries and 7,000 domestically produced brands, Canada’s beer footprint is significant. More than eight out of every 10 bottles of beer sold in Canada is made in Canada, and the beer economy supports 149,000 Canadian jobs and contributes 13.6 billion dollars annually to our national GDP.

Canadian Beer Day, which will now take place every year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, gives Canadians an opportunity to recognize those contributions, support domestically produced beer, and carry forward the spirit of community and togetherness that beer represents for the 10 million Canadians who enjoy it.

“Canadians are proud of our brewing history, we’re great at making beer, and Canadian Beer Day gives us a chance to celebrate that together,” said Luke Harford, President of Beer Canada. “To join in, all you need is a friend or two and a Canadian brew.”

If you find yourself near a local bar, restaurant or brewery, or your local store, stop in for a beer and celebrate responsibly with friends and family. Share your love for Canadian beer on social media by tagging @cdnbeerday and using the hashtag #cdnbeerday.


  • 85% of beer sold in Canada is brewed in Canada.
  • The 1,000 breweries in Canada directly employ 15,000 Canadians and pay $1 billion in salaries
    and wages.
  • The sale of beer supports 149,000 Canadian jobs and generated $5.7 billion in combined federal,
    provincial and municipal taxes in 2018.
  • Canadian brewers purchase 300,000 tonnes of malting barley annually, supporting Canadian
  • Brewers spend millions in sponsorships and partnerships to support arts and cultural programs
    in hundreds of communities across the country.


Beer Canada is the national trade association that advocates to ensure Canadian brewers can operate in a healthy regulatory environment and that beer remains a celebrated part of Canada’s culture. Its membership accounts for every nine out of 10 litres of beer consumed in Canada.

Media Contact:

Brittany Burden

Director, Communications & Engagement

Beer Canada


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