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Beer Canada creates first Canadian Beer Policy Advisory Council

TORONTO, ON – NOVEMBER 23, 2021 – Beer Canada’s Policy Advisory Council will provide a leadership forum to gather input from brewers from coast-to-coast on important policy issues impacting Canadian beer and brewing.

Beer is one of the most heavily taxed and regulated consumer goods in the country and Beer Canada’s Policy Advisory Council will seek consensus across the sector on key federal, provincial, and municipal alcohol policy related to:

  • Alcohol tax policy,
  • Labelling and product standards,
  • Market access, including e-commerce and new emerging routes to market,
  • Environmental, container and packaging regulation,
  • Trade promotion & marketing rules, and
  • Social responsibility promotion.

“We are happy to join the new Policy Advisory Council and work with other breweries across the country to improve the operating environment for beer,” said Tracey Larson, owner of Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. in Revelstoke, British Columbia.

“Canada is a relatively small national market for beer, yet too often regulators and legislators make it challenging for brewers to service beer consumers from coast-to-coast,” said CJ Hélie President of Beer Canada. “Our new Policy Advisory Council will take a national view and promote policies that help Canadian brewers succeed and support beer consumers”.

Membership with Beer Canada is open to all breweries with a Canadian federal brewer’s license issued under the Excise Act.


Beer Canada is the sole national inclusive voice and advocate for the people who make and enjoy our nation’s beers. Our members account for 90% of beer produced in Canada.

The domestic production and sale of beer supports 149,000 Canadian jobs, generates $14 billion in Gross Domestic Product and $5.7 billion in government tax revenues.

Beer Canada encourages the adoption of fair and responsible legislation, regulation, and alcohol policy at the municipal, provincial/territorial, federal and international levels. Members have a long and proud tradition in the promotion of responsible alcohol production, distribution, sale, and consumption.


Brittany Burden

Director, Communications and Engagement

Beer Canada


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