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Bob & Doug McKenzie are Back to Help Stop Ottawa’s Upcoming Beer Tax Hike

TORONTO, Feb. 15, 2023 /CNW/ – The legendary McKenzie brothers return to the Canadian airwaves today in a series of 30-second radio commercials where they call on the federal government to “take off the beer tax increase, eh!”

“The beer tax is already like my brother’s head – overinflated,” said Doug McKenzie, one half of the iconic Canadian duo.  “Stop hosin’ us, you hosers,” added Bob McKenzie.

Bob and Doug are rallying Canadians to oppose Ottawa’s plan to increase the federal tax on beer by 6.3% on April 1, the biggest increase in 40 years. Government tax already makes up almost half the cost of beer in Canada – the highest rate among G7 nations.

“That’s like you take a sip of your beer, then the government takes a sip,” Doug said.

The new Bob and Doug commercials encourage listeners to help stop the tax hike by visiting and using the site’s tools to send a message to their Member of Parliament.

“We are ecstatic that Bob & Doug have joined our HereForBeer community to help keep beer affordable for Canadians.  Actually, they have been Here for Beer for more than 40 years!” said CJ Hélie, President of Beer Canada. “Beer helps bring neighbours, friends, coworkers, and communities together and governments should not push it out of reach of hardworking Canadians.”

Canadians can also visit to listen to one of new radio ads featuring the McKenzie brothers.


Bob and Doug McKenzie rank among Canada’s foremost experts on beer, donuts, and toques. They first gained fame in the 1980s with a recurring TV show, a platinum-selling album, and a major motion picture.


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Karine Cousineau, VP, Strategic Communications – Beer Canada


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