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A community for Canadian beer lovers

Here for beer is a community for Canadian beer lovers. Beer is a big part of Canadian culture, and we take pride in its ability to bring people together. We want to provide a safe space for Canadian beer lovers to come together and share their passion for this iconic beverage.

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What Here For Beer Does

Beer is a big part of Canadian culture. For years, we have shared a pint at backyard barbecues, camping trips at the lake, and family gatherings. Here for beer is all about bringing Canadians together over their favourite alcoholic beverage.

Beer is such a big part of our lives that many local breweries serve as a gathering place and community hub.




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Canadian beer has a rich history and is renowned worldwide. Everyone in the Canadian beer industry works hard to produce and pour high-quality beer, from brewers to barley farmers and bartenders.

A voice for members of
the Canadian public to
come together over beer.

Champions a strong domestic
brewing industry and healthy
regulatory environment.

Provides services and
advocates on its
members, the beer
industry and stakeholders’

Contributes to improving
the beer marketplace.


Here for beer is where beer lovers can share their passion, access exclusive content, events and contest and share their passion about the drink they love. We also provide a forum where beer lovers can talk about issues that affect the beer industry and discuss topics that matter to brewers and beer drinkers alike.



Ask MPs to stop the automatic inflation-indexed increases to beer excise duties and support consumers and brewers’

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Take a moment to reach out to your local Member of Parliament (MP)

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local businesses and constituents.

Email your MP and the Minister of Finance to ask them to stop the automatic inflation-indexed increases to beer excise duties

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The current price of what many Canadian beer consumers pay is almost half in taxes. We have one of the highest beer tax rates worldwide, and MPs have the power to decide whether the annual inflation-indexed tax increase on beer is deferred by two years before the next one scheduled for April 2023.

The beer industry is vital to Canada’s economy. The industry employs 19,000 people and supports almost 150,000 jobs across its value chain. Everyone from the farmers to warehouse workers and packaging experts benefits from a thriving and fairly regulated beer industry.

As inflation pushes the price of gas, housing and food, an increase in beer tax could adversely affect the beer economy. Here for beer believes the Canadian government can do more to help their citizens live a happier and more affordable life by eliminating the yearly increase in government beer taxes.


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