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Prime Rib Roast

Serves  6-10 Prep Time 15 minutes  | Cook Time 1 hour


6-8 lbs. Rib roast
1 ½ cups Beer
1 tbsp. Salt
1 tbsp. Butter


  1. Buy the first ribs if possible and have them cut short.
  2. Rub the meat with salt and place in a shallow roasting pan. Insert a meat thermometer if you have one.
  3. Roast in a 450°F oven 20 minutes; pour off the fat and add the beer.
  4. Reduce the heat to 350°F and roast 12 minutes more per pound for rare, 15 for medium and 18 for well done or until the thermometer registers the degree of doneness you want.
  5. Baste frequently.
  6. Transfer the meat to a platter.
  7. To prepare the gravy, skim the fat from the pan and measure the gravy left.
  8. Add enough water to make 1 cup and return to the pan.
  9. Cook over low heat, stirring in all the crustiness.  Taste for seasoning and stir in the butter.

What beer did you use with this recipe? Let us know using the hashtag #CheersCanada.


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